Large volume transactions

Many holders of large quantities of virtual coins, will feel all kinds of inconvenience when they buy or sell cryptocurrency on exchange.

When buy  with  large quantities,  the price will be higher than that they had thought. When sell with large quantities, the price will be lower than they had thought.
When buy and sell sereval kind of virtual coins on sereval exchanges,operating by hand is always too slow to catch more profit.
There are too much trouble on set up ladder orders by hand to catch up market quotations.

When the price go up or go down fastly, man with emotions can’t catch up market quotations rationally.

The large quantities operating function of CoinzBot will give a good answner to these questions above.

Large orders can be split into small orders, avoiding to move the market.

Simultaneous trading through multiple accounts or multiple exchange, fast and no delay.

Setup up numbers of orders, ladder count and price easily and fastly.

Operating by program without any emotions, so CoinzBot can make rational decisions to stop loss and stop-win.

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