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Btcrobot is an open source,  BTC/LTC algorithmic trading software implemented with the GO language,  and automatically buy and sell based in pre-determined algorithms MA, EMA, MACD, KDJ and parameters on exchanges (OKCOIN, HUOBI).

Btcrobot是一个开源的、非常优秀的BTC/LTC算法交易软件,用go语言编写,网址: 。CoinzBot是Btcrobot商业化产品名称。

Btcrobot is an open source, highly acclaimed BTC/LTC algorithmic trading software. It is implemented with the GO language, and has its official repository located at CoinzBot is commercial product name of Btcrobot.


The Btcrobot software today is able to integrate with a number of exchanges (OKCOIN, HUOBI), and automatically buy and sell based in pre-determined algorithms and parameters. The base algorithms supported include MA, EMA, MACD, KDJ, RSI, etc.


There are a number of BTC and LTC enthusiasts using this software to make a steady profit. There are also programmers who are developing customized trading algorithms.


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