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Join us being a shareholder or a Board Member, make decidesion together with us. Help us develop Btcrobot, create CoinzBot and develop additional trading algorithms for profit.


This project is beyond just an idea or a direction. Btcrobot is a mature and stable software. Currently we are planning for its final go-to-market and commercialization.

CoinzBot项目将启动 IPO计划,筹集的资金用于以下工作:

The CoinzBot IPO plan aims to raise money for the following efforts:

(1)     继续开发免费的、开源的Btcrobot版本;

Continue to develop the free open source version Btcrobot.

(2) 组建开发和运营团队,开始专业化运营;
Expand the development and operations team, start a commercial operation around the software.

(3) 开发商业版本CoinzBot,出售软件和服务来获利;
Build a commercial version of the software named CoinzBot, market the software and related services for profit.

(4) 研究更可行的交易算法,以出售独立的交易算法模块获利。

Develop additional trading algorithms with more advanced strategies, market individual algorithm modules.


具体内容请看 CoinzBot IPO Plan

Please read  CoinzBot IPO Plan  in detail…

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