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CoinzBot IPO plan is about to kick off

IPO Time: delay. IPO Address: 1HqK8PAaUVRkXarLdaLtciTHwZmqHQu1zX

The direction of research and development of CoinzBot

Algorithmic trading

Algorithmic Trading is the practice of designing trading strategies based on technical indicators, and implements such strategies with computer software, which applies the various algorithms and carries out the trades by deciding the buy/sell operation, time, price and quantity, etc.

Large volume transactions

Many holders of large quantities of virtual coins, will feel all kinds of inconvenience when they buy or sell cryptocurrency on exchange. The large quantities operating function of CoinzBot will give a good answner to these questions.

Multi-exchange automatical arbitraging

Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more marke, it is to buy in lower price and to sell in higher one, making risk-free profits.